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One evening, me and my companions chose to attempt rapture at my companions house. I'm 25 yrs old. We purchased a strobe light and set it up in his room. After we took the pill, we recently lay sitting for 30 minutes. At a similar specific time, me and companion shouted 'Good gracious, I'm feelin it!!' It was a brilliant inclination. Love separated througout my body. The strobe light had such a psychedelic effect on our eyes that we were spellbound on it. Then me and my companion began talking. We were both outrageous potheads and were doing horrendously in school. We discussed our concerns and how much our folks were harming over our activities. To put things short, after that evening, we tried to do well in school and keep our psyche straight. Goodness definitely, we likewise chose to avoid any more drugs.....except of course.....E.

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