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One Rave, One Pill

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It was the hotly anticipated evening of my most memorable rave, I have for practically forever needed to go to one since every one of my companions continually did however I had opportunity and

Magic in the Snow

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Me and my companion Timothy were arranging an outing to his colder time of year lodge to trip in the snow. We aquired 2 'twin edges' joy pill and furthermore bought a few spice and two bunches of
I had utilized Happiness previously, however just in a more modest social scene without noisy music and complicated lighting impacts. I had been told by companions of mine that utilizing Bliss at a

When Life Really Began

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My most memorable involvement in MDMA was the start of another world. The initial time was with a person I worked with (right now my life partner) who had done it on a few events. He welcomed me to
One evening, me and my companions chose to attempt rapture at my companions house. I'm 25 yrs old. We purchased a strobe light and set it up in his room. After we took the pill, we recently lay