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The main multiple times I Attempted XTC I was frustrated - the pills were 'powerless' and all that I had found out about wan't occurring for me. Then one day I coincidentally found Green CK's that
The main medication other than pot that I'd had any involvement in at the time was corrosive. What's more, I'd done heaps of corrosive, enough to the point that I'd stop around 2-3 months erlier. I'd

Big Smile

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am a forty-something professional man, happily married. My wife and I arranged to take e one Monday evening during the Christmas / New Year break with some close friends of ours, an older couple whom

There Is Nothing but Beauty

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I am a person, who doesn't take mind-altering substances lightly or 'for a fun night out'. I use them responsibly in a safe setting to observe and examine the effects meticulously with a goal of